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TPM Functionality (G6 servers)

Enabling TPM Functionality enables the TPM and BIOS secure startup. The TPM is fully functional in this mode.

CAUTION: When a TPM is installed and enabled on the server, data access is locked (if the TPM is being used by the OS) if you fail to follow the proper procedures for updating the system or option firmware, replacing the system board, replacing a hard drive, or modifying OS application TPM settings.

For information on installing and enabling the TPM module option, see the HP Trusted Platform Module Option Installation Instructions that ships with the option.

Disabling TPM Functionality disables the BIOS secure startup but still allows the TPM to be visible to the operating system. The TPM can respond to most commands in this mode.

Selecting Disabled may prevent the server from booting to a TPM-aware operating system.

TPM Functionality