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Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment

Microsoft速 Windows速 Preinstallation Environment 2.1 is a small footprint of the Windows Server速 2008 environment that enables you to run tools in a 32- or 64-bit Windows速 environment. Because Windows速 PE 2.1 is based on the Windows Server速 2008 kernel running in protected mode, only a subset of features and APIs are available in this environment. This document is applicable to Windows速 PE 2.1 only and is not backward compatible with previous versions of Windows速 PE.

Windows速 PE enables you to install the Windows速 operating system, establish a connection with network servers, and perform hardware configuration using the SmartStart Scripting Toolkit. You can use Windows速 PE to customize and configure your servers before the operating system is installed.

Windows速 PE 2.1 can be obtained by downloading the Microsoft速 Windows速 Automated Installation Kit for Windows Vista速 SP1 and Windows Server速 2008 from the Microsoft速 website.