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Querying the HPDISCOVERY file to determine the presence of a particular card

Using IFHW to detect a particular PCI card or device can be valuable in determining which settings to apply. For example, an array controller used as a boot controller might require a RAID 1 setting, while an optional array controller used for a database (such as a Smart Array 5312 Controller) might require a RAID 5 ADG setting. The following example demonstrates how to use IFHW to detect a particular card or device:

REM *** Configure the array controllers by reading the configuration

REM *** information in the script file and stamping it onto the array

REM *** controllers of the target server

echo Configuring the Array Controllers...

ifhw .\hpdiscovery.xml allboards.xml PCI:"Smart Array 5i Controller"

if errorlevel 1 GOTO NEXT1

.\ACU\bin\hpacuscripting.exe -i .\ArraySettings\SA5iArray.ini


ifhw .\hpdiscovery.xml allboards.xml PCI:"Smart Array 6i Controller"

if errorlevel 1 GOTO NEXT2

.\ACU\bin\hpacuscripting.exe -i .\ArraySettings\SA6iArray.ini


\ifhw .\hpdiscovery.xml allboards.xml PCI:"Smart Array 5312"

if errorlevel 1 GOTO NEXT3

.\ACU\bin\hpacuscripting.exe -i .\ArraySettings\SA5312Array.ini