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The CONREP utility generates a system configuration XML file used to duplicate the hardware configuration of one ProLiant server onto another. The CONREP utility uses the hardware configuration XML file to identify and configure the system, which defaults to conrep.xml. You can change the default using the -x option. The actual system configuration file is captured as an XML data file. The default name is conrep.dat.

CAUTION: Improper modification of the CONREP data files can result in the loss of critical data. Only experienced users of the Toolkit should attempt to modify the data files. Because of the potential risk of data loss, take all necessary precautions to ensure that mission-critical systems remain online if a failure occurs.

The CONREP utility reads the state of the system environment settings to determine the server configuration and writes the results to a file that you can edit. The CONREP utility uses the data in the generated file to configure the target server hardware.

The CONREP utility uses an XML definition file to determine what information to retrieve from and restore to the server. You can modify this file to update new features or restrict features when capturing configurations. The default conrep.xml file contains common hardware configuration settings for most ProLiant 300, 500, and 700 series servers. Some platforms require special settings that are contained in other XML files. These files are included in the Scripting Toolkit and are available from the HP website on the support page for each platform. You can use these files with the -x option to configure systems that are not supported by the default hardware configuration file.

Many fields in conrep.xml file contain help text that enables you to configure the field meanings. This information is also added to the conrep.dat file. Hardware features that are not supported by the existing platform or ROM version appear in the conrep.dat file.

IMPORTANT: The file format for the DOS version of CONREP and the current version of CONREP are not compatible.