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Using an Input script

To use an Input script to configure or reconfigure a system, first locate a suitable ACU script or see "Creating an ACU script file."

Then, enter the following command at the system command line prompt:

hpacuscripting -i [drive:][path]FILENAME.ext [-internal | -external] [-reset] -e [drive:][path]ERRORFILENAME.ext

FILENAME is the name of the ACU input file, and ext is the file extension. If you do not specify the name and location of this file, ACU searches for ACUINPUT.ini in the ACU working directory.

The -internal and -external switches limit configuration operations to internal or external controllers.

The -reset flag destroys any existing data and overwrites the current configuration with the configuration specified in the script.

The -e switch information is used only if ACU must generate an error file. By default, ACU names the error file ERROR.ini and places it in the ACU working directory.