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Enable iSCSI boot and set the boot order

Before iSCSI boot can be used, you must first enable iSCSI boot on the adapter and then modify the boot order to select the iSCSI-enabled adapter as the boot device.

Enable iSCSI boot for HP network adapters

The iSCSI boot option ROM must be enabled before it can be used. Do not enable iSCSI boot on more than two adapters because option ROM space is limited. The following sections describe how to enable iSCSI boot on embedded, mezzanine, and standup adapters.

Set the boot order to boot from iSCSI adapter

The boot order must be set correctly for the iSCSI installation and to ensure the iSCSI boot works correctly.The iSCSI-enabled adapter must appear first in the Standard Boot Order (IPL) list.

  1. During the boot press<F9> to enter the RBSU.
  2. At the RBSU menu select Standard Boot Order (IPL).
  3. Verify that the iSCSI boot adapter is first in the IPL list. Modify the boot order, if necessary.
  4. Press <Esc> to exit RBSU.