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Post installation procedures

  1. Boot the server over iSCSI from a target boot disk.
  2. Install all HP software components for network adapters and configure HP licensed components, if required.
  3. Reboot the server.
  4. For Windows Server 2003, install KB939875 to enable crash dump support. See "Set up crash dump support."


    For Windows Server 2008, go to Step 6 below.

  5. Install Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator for Windows Server 2003. See "Install Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator." This is an optional step for deployments using offload iSCSI (Broadcom's offload iSCSI driver) but it is required for all non-offload deployments (also known as Microsoft Initiator).
  6. Go to c:\cpqsystem\pnpdrvs\iscsiutils and execute the hpsetcrash*.cmd.
  7. At this point in Windows Server 2008, iSCSI boot may be configured to boot with either non-offload (Microsoft Initiator) or offload (offload iSCSI driver or HBA). To set the boot configuration, change the Windows HBA Mode parameter on the General Parameters screen of the iSCSI Configuration Utility. See "Configure iSCSI parameters."