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The HP-BRCM iSCSI boot feature allows a server to boot from a remote disk that supports Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator (known as the iSCSI target) on a Storage Area Network (SAN) without having to directly attach a boot disk.

Booting from a remote disk on a SAN allows the boot process to be centralized and consolidates equipment resources. Unlike other implementations, iSCSI boot does not require a separate DHCP server or a PXE server.

Accelerated iSCSI Boot for Windows

HP Accelerated iSCSI capability can be used with HP NC-Series Broadcom iSCSI Boot Package for Windows. All accelerated iSCSI commands are handled by the adapter's HP iSCSI HBA driver. This feature is applied to all HP Multifunction Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapters at no additional cost for standup and mezzanine adapters; however, some embedded HP Multifunction Gigabit Ethernet Server Adapters require a ProLiant Accelerated iSCSI Pack license. For more information see the HP ProLiant Accelerated iSCSI for Windows User Guide.