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Minimum requirements for NetWare servers

IMPORTANT: Before deploying software updates on a target system, be sure that a recent backup of the target system is available in the event the deployment procedure fails.

The PSP is ships in a single bundle that supports NetWare 5.1, 6.0, and 6.5. The bundle installs the appropriate software for the installed version of NetWare. The PSPs have the following minimum requirements:

The PSP is designed for use after the operating system installation to update drivers and install HP utilities (such as Power Management and Health) and agents (Foundation, Server, NIC, and Storage).

IMPORTANT: Although you cannot use PSP during initial NetWare red-box installation, HP provides the necessary drivers for red-box installation on the SmartStart CD 7.90 and earlier in the \compaq\drivers\os_version directory in flat file format, where os_version is nw5, nw6, or nw65. Functionality to create driver diskettes needed for red-box installations is available from the Windows® and Linux "autoruns" on the SmartStart CD. If you want support for red-box installations, copy the contents of the directory from the SmartStart CD into the C:\NWUPDATE directory on the server. To copy the contents of the directory from the SmartStart CD, the hard drive must have had a DOS partition defined and formatted but before NetWare driver detection.

NOTE: Starting with SmartStart 8.0, PSPs and individual components for Novell Netware are only available through the PSP download page.

After the installation is complete, use the PSP to complete the server configuration.