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Single-step installation

During a single-step installation, the installation proceeds in the terminal window. When the LDU is in this mode, user input and program output are provided in the terminal window. Program output is saved to the default log file, /var/log/hppldu.log.

To perform the installation using single-step mode, you must use the -y option with the ./install???.sh command. The -y parameter forces a terminal window installation.

./install???.sh -y

At the start of the single-step installation, the appropriate PSP for the installed version of Linux is determined. The PSP contains the components that are deployed for that version of Linux. These components are parsed to determine their installation requirements.

If any components require configuration, you are prompted for the configuration information during the installation of these components. If a password is required, you are prompted to verify the original password.

After parsing the component XML files, the following prompt appears asking you to choose if the single-step installation process will attempt the installation of a particular component:

Do you wish to install the <component name> component? [(Y)/(N)/(C)ancel]

If you select "y" or "Y," the component is installed. If you select "n" or "N," the LDU does not install that component and proceeds to the next component in the list of components to be installed. If you select "c" or "C," the LDU terminates and does not attempt to install any remaining components.

Regardless of whether you choose to install a particular component, the name, version, and description for the component appear on the console. If you choose to install a component, then data generated by the installation (including output from RPM scripts) is shown in the terminal window. This continues until you are prompted for every component in the bundle or until you have canceled out of the LDU.

After the installation is complete, the LDU returns the final status. If the reboot option was selected and the installation was successful, the server reboots. If the reboot option was not selected, you are returned to the terminal window prompt.

Single step installation