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Component configuration

Component configuration requires that Smart Components are in a write-accessible location. A CD or read-only network share is not supported. If you have obtained your support pack from the SmartStart CD, copy the entire contents of the support pack directory to the local hard drive or a network share, and then make sure the read-only attributes are cleared from all files.

Some components might have required or optional configuration settings. Configuration parameters can include information necessary to set up the component correctly or passwords required for software installed by the component. If the optional configuration data of a component is not provided and the component has not been installed previously, it will use default values for that configuration data. If the component has been previously installed and configured, then the existing configuration information will be preserved if no changes are made to the configuration data.

Configurable components are indicated in the Optional Actions column of the Select Items to be Installed screen screens. To configure a component, click Configure Now.

Select Items to be Installed

Follow the instructions when the Item Configuration screen appears. When the configuration is complete, the Select Items to be Installed screen reappears.