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Configuring components in graphical installation mode

To configure components from graphical installation mode:

  1. Select the component that has configuration options.
  2. Right-click the component to bring up the component menu.
  3. Select the Configure Component option. A window similar to the following appears.

    Configuration Options

  4. Configure the component. The default value, if any, appears at the end of the prompt in brackets.
  5. Click Save on any component configuration screen to save all the parameters to a file. This enables you to use the LDU to configure all the components and save the resulting configuration data to an encrypted data file. The data file can then be used with the --inputfile <filename> parameter to script future installations.
  6. Click OK to save the configuration data for use during the installation. Clicking Cancel will cause any entered data to be lost.

If the optional configuration data of a component is not provided and the component has not been installed previously, it will use default values for that configuration data. If the component has been previously installed and configured, then the existing configuration information will be preserved if no changes are made to the configuration data.

NOTE: In PSP 7.00 and 7.10, the HTTP server passwords no longer default to "compaq" if you do not specify them. If you do not set the HTTP server passwords, connectivity to the HTTP server will fail. In PSP 7.20, the HTTP server passwords are no longer required. The HP Systems Management Homepage RPM, using native OS authentication instead of the three server passwords previously required, now provides the HTTP server functionality.