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Command line syntax for individual NetWare component installation

<VOLUME:\PATH\>CP00XXXX [/H | /?] [/NUI] [/S | /F] [/I] [/G] [/R] [/xVOL:\PATH] [/NOMODS] [/bVOL:\PATH]

Command line argument



This argument shows a list of command line parameters.


This argument suppresses the user interface. However, during installation, output is shown at the system console unless the silent (/S) option is also used.


This argument enables a silent installation. All messages are logged to the SYS:\ETC\CPQLOG.LOG file. No console output or GUI is shown.


This argument forces the installation of a package, regardless of the software version installed on the server, as long as the component is supported on the currently installed version of NetWare.


This argument displays the Package Payload information (no installation occurs).


This argument displays Package Source and Destination information (no installation occurs).


This argument reboots the system if the package being installed requires it and if no failures occurred during the installation.


This argument extracts the contents of the package to the directory pointed to by VOL:\PATH.


This argument prevents modifications to the STARTUP.NCF or AUTOEXEC.NCF files. The default option is to make all modifications as needed during the installation of each component bundle.


This argument backs up all files that will be replaced by the installation of the package to the directory pointed to by VOL:\PATH. Versioning of backups is not supported. Subsequent installs will overwrite existing files in the given directory.

*Not supported by HP Agents and the Survey Utility components

NOTE: For /xVOL:\PATH and /bVOL:\PATH, there is no space between the x or b and the path. If Vol:\Path does not exist, an attempt is made to create the path. An invalid volume or path will be ignored, and the extraction will be terminated.