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Installing the Insight Providers with the PSP

You can install the Insight Providers using the PSP. The Insight Providers are included with PSP v8.00 and later, but are not installed by default (version of the Insight Providers are included with PSP v8.20). However, SNMP-based Insight Management Agents are installed by default.

To install the Insight Providers, perform the following tasks:

  1. Verify that the target servers are on the supported hardware list. See "Hardware support."
  2. Verify that the target server has a supported operating system installed. See "Operating system support."
  3. Log in as an administrator on the target server.
  4. To begin the installation, run HPSUM.exe.

    This initiates the HP Smart Update Manager graphical interface. The Inventory Progress Screen appears while the HP Smart Update Manager builds the inventory. After the inventory process is complete, the Select Installation host screen appears.

  5. Select the local or remote host for installation, and then click Next.

    The Select Bundle Filter screen appears, displaying defined bundles.

  6. Select the bundles to install, and then click Next.

    The screen displays a list of components to install.

  7. Select the components to install:
  8. To configure the installer to add a low-level rights user for remote access to the Insight Providers, perform the optional configuration steps below for the Insight Providers Smart Component. This procedure provides most of the access rights to allow a standard user account to view most of the management information. An administrator account is needed to perform certain management tasks such as rebooting a server.
  9. For other methods available for granting remote access to a standard user, see Security. To determine if you need to perform the following configuration, see Best practices.
    1. Under Updates to be installed, locate the component you selected for installation in step 7.
    2. In the Optional Actions column of the selected component, click Configure Now.
    3. Enter the username of the low rights user in the Windows® Account Username textbox. For a domain user, use the DOMAIN\USERNAME format.
    4. Click Save. The Select Components to Be Installed screen appears.
  10. On the Select Components to Be Installed screen, select the Reboot option to reboot after components are installed.
  11. Click Install.

To uninstall the Insight Providers, use Add or Remove Programs for Windows Server® 2003 or Programs and Features for Windows Server® 2008.