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Installing the Insight Providers Smart Component

IMPORTANT: You must install PSP 8.20 (or later) before or with the Insight Providers version

You can install the Insight Providers individually using an Insight Providers Smart Component. Perform this type of installation to install the Insight Providers without performing a full PSP installation or without using SmartStart.

To install the Insight Providers Smart Component, perform the following tasks:

  1. Verify that the target servers are on the supported hardware list. See "Hardware support."
  2. Verify that the target server has a supported operating system installed. See "Operating system support."
  3. Log in as an administrator on the target server.
  4. Install the Insight Providers Smart Component:

To uninstall the Insight Providers, use Add or Remove Programs for Windows Server® 2003 or Programs and Features for Windows Server® 2008.