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Insight Providers usage

Access data and events from the Insight Providers using the SMH supplied in the PSP, HP SIM, other client applications, or scripts that supports WMI and SMASH.

The SMH provides a web interface for accessing management data locally or remotely. SMH support for the Insight Providers is composed of two components

HP SIM 5.2 and later support the Insight Providers. For information on configuring HP SIM for use with the Insight Providers, see Chapters 4 and 12 of the HP Systems Insight Manager 5.2 Technical Reference Guide.

Any client application or script that support WMI and SMASH can also be used to access data and events from the Insight Providers. The Microsoft MSDN website provides information on building WMI clients such as Visual Basic scripts or C++ and C# applications. For more details, see the following WMI references on the MSDN website:

For sample scripts for use with the Insight Providers, see Scripting Examples.

Specific information about HP ProLiant WBEM classes and properties for servers, storage controllers, and network controllers can be found in the profiles, MOF files, and data sheet (see Additional Documentation).