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Insight Providers Smart Component

The Insight Providers include server, storage, and network providers as well as a WMI-based SMH WebApp. These are all packaged in a single Smart Component, which is included with the Windows® PSP. This feature enables you to install, uninstall, and version-control the Insight Providers as a single entity.

For version of the Providers, two Smart Components are available for supporting Windows Server® 2003 and Windows Server® 2008:

You can install the Insight Providers Smart Components using all methods available to other Smart Components. You can also install the Insight Providers as part of a SmartStart Assisted Path installation of the Windows® operating system.

Upgrading a previously installed version of the Insight Providers to version might take several minutes. It is normal for the installation progress bar to stop for several minutes while the previous version of the Insight Providers is removed. Do not cancel the installation at this time.

Additionally, during an upgrade, Windows® might log a message to the Windows® Application Log indicating that a reboot is required. This message can be safely ignored; a reboot is not required to upgrade to version of the Insight Providers.