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The Insight Providers for Windows® are implemented as a set of WMI providers. The access control is in the form of standard Windows® account level access restrictions.

An administrator account has sufficient rights and security group memberships to access the Insight Providers management information for both local and remote access.

For a standard user account, there are two considerations for configuring security in order to access WMI information from the Insight Providers:

A standard user account needs security configurations to remotely access the Insight Provider management information on a remote server. For more information, see Security Requirements for the Insight Providers.

WMI namespace security settings govern access to WMI information. Windows user accounts can be allowed or denied specific privileges per WMI namespace.

For more information on namespace security, see Access to WMI Namespaces.

Only standard users who belong to the Distributed COM Users group can remotely connect to WMI and access management information. Administrators are in this group by default. Non-administrator users must be added to the Distributed COM Users group for remote WMI connectivity.

For more information, see Connecting to WMI on a Remote Computer.