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Firewall configuration introduction

This section describes a configuration method for enabling direct remote WMI access on a server running the Windows ServerĀ® 2008 Firewall.

There are many methods to establish remote communication with WMI. Locally privileged programs can establish communication with WMI locally and serve up a private or standardized remote management interface. The SMH and Windows Remote Management (an implementation of WS Management) are examples.

This documentation does not apply to these or other indirect methods of WMI related communication, only to direct remote connections to WMI. Firewall configurations for indirect WMI communication methods are independent of establishing a direct remote connection to WMI.

In addition to being used to set up the firewall, some user privileges are used in creating direct remote WMI access. For example, when the user is not an Administrator, some privileges might not exist by default.

For more information, see Security requirements for the Insight Providers and the MSDN article Securing a Remote WMI Connection.