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Threshold settings

The SMH enables the user to set thresholds on CPU utilization and Disk utilization.

To create threshold settings:

  1. Click Tasks (Tab) > Server Configuration > Threshold Information.
  2. Enter values for processors and disks. If there are many processors or disks, the user can set them all at once using the global options.
  3. Click the appropriate Set button.

Thresholds are now set. The value of these thresholds is persistent and is not lost during a reboot. If the Insight Providers are upgraded, these threshold values are preserved.

If utilization surpasses a threshold, an indication is generated. For an indication to be received, a subscription must exist for one of the following indication classes:

If the server is being managed by HP SIM, the threshold values can be captured and pushed to other HP SIM-managed servers through the replicate agent settings functionality.