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Microsoft Windows sample script

The sample script performs many of the same hardware configuration tasks described in "Performing an unattended operating system installation."

Additionally, the sample script for Microsoft® Windows® performs preinstallation tasks, including:

To use the sample script to install Microsoft® Windows®:

  1. Create an unattend.txt file by following the instructions in the Microsoft® documentation. A sample unattend.txt file is included in the windows_unattend directory.
  2. Copy the Windows® source files to the installation source. In this sample script, the installation source is a NFS file share.
  3. Adapt the script to perform the correct hardware configuration, and change the NFS server IP address and path to match your environment.
  4. Update the syslinux configuration file (pxelinux.cfg, isolinux.cfg, or syslinux.cfg) to reference the sample script.