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Configuring the target server

  1. At the target server, boot the CD that contains the custom Linux Toolkit image.
  2. At the boot prompt, type bash and then press Enter. When the process is complete, a command prompt appears.
  3. Load the network drivers using the loadnet script:


  4. Load appropriate storage controller drivers:

    modprobe -f cciss

  5. Load the channel interface driver for iLO:

    insmod /opt/hp/hp-ilo/bin/`uname -r`/hp_ilo.ko

  6. Mount the network share:

    mkdir /mnt/toolkit_share

    mount -t nfs -o rw,nolock <ip of workstation>:/path/to/toolkit /mnt/toolkit_share

  7. Apply the system BIOS configuration using the CONREP utility:

    cd /mnt/toolkit_share/utilities

    ./conrep -l -f/mnt/toolkit_share/data_files/conrep.dat

  8. Apply the Smart Array configuration using the ACU utility:

    cd /mnt/toolkit_share/utilities/hpacuscripting

    ./hpacuscripting -c /mnt/toolkit_share/data_files/hpacuscripting.dat

  9. Apply the iLO configuration using the HPONCFG utility:

    cd /mnt/toolkit_share/utilities

    ./hponcfg -f /mnt/toolkit_share/data_files/hponcfg.dat

  10. Unmount the network share:

    umount /mnt/toolkit_share

  11. Insert the operating system CD.
  12. Reboot the server to run the operating system installation.