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Prepare the server for diagnosis

  1. Be sure the server is in the proper operating environment with adequate power, air conditioning, and humidity control. For required environmental conditions, see the server documentation.
  2. Record any error messages displayed by the system.
  3. Remove all diskettes, CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, and USB drive keys.
  4. Power down the server and peripheral devices if you will be diagnosing the server offline. If possible, always perform an orderly shutdown:
    1. Exit any applications.
    2. Exit the operating system.
    3. Power down the server.
  5. Disconnect any peripheral devices not required for testing (any devices not necessary to power up the server). Do not disconnect the printer if you want to use it to print error messages.
  6. Collect all tools and utilities, such as a Torx screwdriver, loopback adapters, ESD wrist strap, and software utilities, necessary to troubleshoot the problem.