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ROMPaq utility diskette or USB drive key

The bootable ROMPaq diskette or USB drive key contains all the necessary system files, option ROM image files, and the configuration files required to upgrade the ROM firmware.

This procedure is most effective when flashing the ROM on a small number of servers located in close proximity.

To flash the ROM using ROMPaq:

  1. Download the system ROMPaq utility diskette or USB drive key for each target server. ROMPaq downloads are available on the HP website.
  2. Shut down each target server, and then reboot using the correct ROMPaq diskette or USB drive key for that server.
  3. Follow the interactive session in the ROMPaq utility, and then select the devices to be flashed.
  4. After the ROMPaq utility flashes the ROM for the selected devices, cycle power manually to reboot the system back into the operating system.

Option ROMPaqs have been retired as an upgrade delivery method for storage options. Firmware upgrades for storage options are now delivered using Smart Components and Smart Component deployment utilities.

For additional information about the ROMPaq utility, see the server documentation or the HP website.