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UPS is not working properly


  1. Be sure the UPS batteries are charged to the proper level for operation. See the UPS documentation for details.
  2. Be sure the UPS power switch is in the On position. See the UPS documentation for the location of the switch.
  3. Be sure the UPS software is updated to the latest version. Use the Power Management software located on the Power Management CD.
  4. Be sure the power cord is the correct type for the UPS and the country in which the server is located. See the UPS reference guide for specifications.
  5. Be sure the line cord is connected.
  6. Be sure each circuit breaker is in the On position, or replace the fuse if needed. If this occurs repeatedly, contact an authorized service provider.
  7. Check the UPS LEDs to be sure a battery or site wiring problem has not occurred. See the UPS documentation.
  8. If the UPS sleep mode is initiated, disable sleep mode for proper operation. The UPS sleep mode can be turned off through the configuration mode on the front panel.
  9. Change the battery to be sure damage was not caused by excessive heat, particularly if a recent air conditioning outage has occurred.

    NOTE: The optimal operating temperature for UPS batteries is 25°C (77°F). For approximately every 8°C to 10°C (16°F to 18°F) average increase in ambient temperature above the optimal temperature, battery life is reduced by 50 percent.