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Testing the device


  1. Uninstall the device.

    If the server works with the device removed and uninstalled, a problem exists with the device, the server does not support the device, or a conflict exists with another device.

  2. If the device is the only device on a bus, be sure the bus works by installing a different device on the bus.
  3. Restarting the server each time to determine if the device is working, move the device:
    1. To a different slot on the same bus (not applicable for PCI Express)
    2. To a PCI, PCI-X, or PCI Express slot on a different bus
    3. To the same slot in another working server of the same or similar design

      If the board works in any of these slots, either the original slot is bad or the board was not properly seated. Reinsert the board into the original slot to verify.

  4. If you are testing a board (or a device that connects to a board):
    1. Test the board with all other boards removed.
    2. Test the server with only that board removed.

      CAUTION: Clearing NVRAM deletes the configuration information. Refer to the server documentation for complete instructions before performing this operation or data loss could occur.

  5. Clearing NVRAM can resolve various problems. Clear the NVRAM, but do not use the backup .SCI file if prompted. Have available any .CFG, .OVL, or .PCF files that are required.