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System Board is Unable to Identify which Slots the Controllers are in

Description: The slot indicator on the system board is not working correctly. Firmware recognizes both controllers as being installed in the same slot.


  1. Be sure both controllers are fully seated in their slots.

    If the problem persists, this might indicate a controller problem or a system board problem.

    CAUTION: Only authorized technicians trained by HP should attempt to remove the system board. If you believe the system board requires replacement, contact HP Technical Support before proceeding.

  2. Remove one of the controllers in the configuration and see if the remaining controller generates a POST message.
  3. Move the remaining controller to the other slot to see if it still generates a POST message.
  4. Repeat these steps with the other controller.

If both controllers give POST messages in one slot but not the other, it is a system board problem. If one of the controllers gives POST messages and the other controller does not, replace the controller that is giving the POST messages. Contact an authorized service provider for any warranty replacements.