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Non-numeric messages or beeps only

List of messages:

Advanced Memory Protection mode: Advanced ECC

Advanced Memory Protection mode: Advanced ECC with hot-add support

Advanced Memory Protection mode: Online spare with Advanced ECC

Advanced Memory Protection mode: Multi-board mirrored memory with Advanced ECC

Advanced Memory Protection mode: RAID memory with Advanced ECC

An Unexpected Shutdown occurred prior to this power-up

Critical Error Occurred Prior to this Power-Up

Fan Solution Not Fully Redundant

Fan Solution Not Sufficient

Fatal DMA Error

Fatal Express Port Error

Fatal Front Side Bus Error

Fatal Global Protocol Error

Fatal Hub Link Error

FATAL ROM ERROR: The System ROM is not Properly Programmed.

Fibre Channel Mezzanine/Balcony Not Supported.

High Temperature Condition detected by Processor X

Illegal Opcode - System Halted

iLO Generated NMI

Internal CPU Check - Processor

Invalid memory types were found on the same node. Please check DIMM compatibility. - Some DIMMs may not be used

Invalid Password - System Halted!

Invalid Password - System Restricted!

Memory found on unpopulated Node. — Processor is required to be installed for memory to be used.

Mismatched power supplies not supported

Mixed processor speeds detected. Please make sure that all processors are the same speed. — System Halted!

Network Server Mode Active and No Keyboard Attached

NMI - Button Pressed!

NMI - Undetermined Source

Node Interleaving disabled - Invalid memory configuration

No Floppy Drive Present

No Keyboard Present

Parity Check 2 - System DIMM Memory

PCI Bus Parity Error, PCI Slot x

Power Fault Detected in Hot-Plug PCI Slot x

Power Supply Solution Not Fully Redundant

Processor X Unsupported Wattage.

Redundant ROM Detected - This system contains a valid backup system ROM.

REDUNDANT ROM ERROR: Backup ROM Invalid. - ...

REDUNDANT ROM ERROR: Bootblock Invalid. - ...

REDUNDANT ROM ERROR: Primary ROM invalid. Booting Backup ROM. -...

Temperature violation detected - system Shutting Down in x seconds

There must be a first DIMM in pair if second DIMM in pair is populated. Second DIMM in pair ignored.

This DIMM does not support thermal monitoring...

This system only supports 667 MHz Front Side Bus Speed Processors. One or more 800 MHz Front Side Bus Speed Processors have been initialized at 667 MHz. System Halted!

Unsupported DIMM(s) found in system. - DIMM(s) may not be used

Unsupported PCI Card Detected Remove PCI Card from Slot

Unsupported power supply detected in bay X

Unsupported Processor Detected System will ONLY boot ROMPAQ Utility. System Halted.

USB Tape-based One button Disaster Recovery (OBDR) drive detected.

WARNING: A Type 2 Header PCI Device Has Been Detected...

WARNING - iLO 2 not responding. System health monitoring has been disabled.

WARNING - Mixed Stepping Processors were detected. System cannot proceed.

WARNING: ProLiant Demand Based Power Management cannot be supported with the following processor configuration. The system will run in Full Performance mode.