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Power source problems


  1. Press the Power On/Standby button to be sure it is on. If the server has a Power On/Standby button that returns to its original position after being pressed, be sure you press the switch firmly.
  2. Plug another device into the grounded power outlet to be sure the outlet works. Also, be sure the power source meets applicable standards.
  3. Replace the power cord with a known functional power cord to be sure it is not faulty.
  4. Replace the power strip with a known functional power strip to be sure it is not faulty.
  5. Have a qualified electrician check the line voltage to be sure it meets the required specifications.
  6. Be sure the proper circuit breaker is in the On position.
  7. If group power capping is supported on the server, be sure there is sufficient power allocation to support the server.
  8. Be sure no loose connections exist.