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Integrated Lights-Out technology

The iLO and iLO 2 subsystem is a standard component of selected ProLiant servers that provides server health and remote server manageability. The iLO and iLO 2 subsystem includes an intelligent microprocessor, secure memory, and a dedicated network interface. This design makes iLO and iLO 2 independent of the host server and its operating system. The iLO and iLO 2 subsystem provides remote access to any authorized network client, sends alerts, and provides other server management functions.

Using iLO and iLO 2, you can:

For more information about iLO and iLO 2 features (which may require an iLO Advanced Pack or iLO Advanced for BladeSystem license), see the iLO and iLO 2 documentation on the Documentation CD or on the HP website.