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SCSI model cabling

List of topics:

Embedded simplex SCSI cabling

Embedded duplex SCSI cabling

PCI simplex SCSI cabling

PCI duplex SCSI cabling

Mixed duplex SCSI cabling

External simplex SCSI cabling

Installing the SCSI terminator board

Removing the SCSI terminator board

USB cabling

DVD/CD-ROM drive cabling

Diskette drive cabling

Power button/LED cabling

RILOE cabling (SCSI)

Internal power cabling

IMPORTANT: If a simplex or duplex cabling configuration is not cabled correctly, the SCSI configuration error LED will illuminate. Refer to "SCSI Backplane LEDs" to locate the LED.

NOTE: The server ships with two identical short SCSI cables. Two optional long SCSI cables may be obtained for PCI Array Controllers. One optional terminator board may be obtained to support duplex SCSI configurations.