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Recovering data from the battery-backed write cache

If the server fails, you can recover any data temporarily trapped in the BBWC by using the following procedure.

CAUTION: Before starting this procedure, read the information about protecting against electrostatic discharge.

  1. Perform one of the following:
  2. Power down the failed server. If any data is trapped in the cache module, an amber LED on the module blinks every 15 seconds.

    CAUTION: Do not detach the cable that connects the battery pack to the cache module. Detaching the cable causes any unsaved data in the cache module to be lost.

  3. Transfer the hard drives from the failed server to the recovery server station.
  4. Remove the BBWC [cache module and battery pack] from the failed server.
  5. Perform one of the following:
  6. Power up the recovery server. A 1759 POST message is displayed, stating that valid data was flushed from the cache. This data is now stored on the drives in the recovery server. You can now transfer the drives (and controller, if one was used) to another server.