Using DirectScript Windows Scripting Host (WSH) Examples

DirectScript comes with Windows Scripting Host (WSH) examples that perform a host of tasks using DirectScript objects. The samples are written using VBScript. Though most of these examples do the same tasks as the Visual Basic examples, you do not need to have Visual Basic installed on your computer to run the VBScript examples.

The scripts should be run through a host application that supports VBScript like the Windows Scripting Host or Internet Explorer.

Once bv-Admin is installed, you will find the WSH (VBScript) examples in the Samples\WSH\VBScript sub directory under your bv-Admin installation directory. For instance, if you have installed bv-Admin in C:\Program Files\B-Admin, then the entire path would look like this - C:\Program Files\bv-Admin\Samples\WSH\VBScript. Each of the examples can be found in a distinct sub-directory following the given path.

The current security settings of Windows will affect whether you can actually perform certain tasks. Before running the scripts you will need to make sure that you have the required administrative and access rights.


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