Visual Basic Hangs While Loading a Project

Visual Basic may hang if you double click on the .vbp file. It may also hang if you first launch Visual Basic and then try to open the project file. If this happens:

  1. Open the .vbp file using a plain text editor such as Notepad or Edit.

  2. Delete all lines starting with "Reference=...". Some of these references have hard coded paths of certain components. These will be pointing to the paths that existed when Bindview created the project.

  3. Open the project. This should happen without Visual basic hanging.

  4. Use Project-References to select all four Bindview DirectScript type libraries. Their descriptions start with the string "Bindview DirectScript..."

  5. Now try to run the project

  6. If you still have difficulties then the problem could be references to wrong OCX controls. In this case you will need to delete the line starting with Object= in your .vbp file. Next use Project-Components to select at least the following components: Microsoft Common Dialog Control, Microsoft Tabbed Dialog Control, Microsoft Windows Common Controls, Microsoft Windows Common Controls-2.

This should correct any control inconsistencies.