Removing Role Assignment

Private Sub RemoveRoleAssignment()
On Error GoTo errHandler

'Gets the role container in order to do any database update operation
'An time expensive operation, ideally, a global variable is more suited

Dim objRoleContainer As IRoleContainer

Set objRoleContainer = g_objNameSpace.GetRoleContainer

'Gets the "UserCreationManager" role from the role container
Dim objRole As Role

Set objRole = objRoleContainer.GetRolesOnNames("UserCreationManager")

'IRoleBasedSD: Interface RoleBased Security Descriptor
'Interface for making any Active directory related operations

'using role objects. OR Role assignement/unassignement operations using AD Objects

Dim objRoleBasedSD As IRoleBasedSD

Set objRoleBasedSD = g_objNameSpace.GetRoleBasedSD("LDAP://,OU=TestHierarchy,DC=drc,DC=DR,DC=com")

'RoleBasedACL: RoleBased Access Control List of the AD object
'Has to be obtained from the objRoleBasedSD of the object

Dim objRoleBasedACL As RoleBasedACL

Set objRoleBasedACL = objRoleBasedSD.RoleBasedACL

'RoleBasedACL contains a list of RoleBasedACE
'RoleBasedACE: RoleBased Access Control Entry

'Creates a new RoleBasedACE

Dim objRoleBasedACE As RoleBasedACE

Set objRoleBasedACE = New RoleBasedACE

'Sets RoleBasedACE properties, i.e. The Role to be assigned/unassigned,
'in this case to be unassigned

objRoleBasedACE.Role = objRole

'Set RoleBasedACE properties, i.e. The Inheritance type
objRoleBasedACE.InheritanceOrAuditFlags = InheritanceFlag.kInheritanceFlagSubtree 

'RoleBasedACE has a property called Trustee, which specifies which trustee is the role to be given to
'The Object will be specified by the objRoleBasedSD of the object

'So set the trustee path

Dim objTrustee As New Trustee

objTrustee.Path ="LDAP://,CN=Users,DC=drc,DC=DR,DC=com" 'or "LDAP://,CN=Users,DC=drc,DC=DR,DC=com"

'Set RoleBasedACE properties, i.e. The Trustee object
objRoleBasedACE.Trustee = objTrustee 

'Remove the RoleBasedACE from the IRoleBasedACL
objRoleBasedACL.RemoveACE objRoleBasedACE

'Set the RoleBasedACL of the RoleBasedSD
objRoleBasedSD.RoleBasedACL = objRoleBasedACL

'Save/Stamp/Persist the data to the disk. Errors in case, if any
'like trustee not found, Access denied etc will come here


Exit Sub

  MsgBox "Error removing the assignment of the UserCreationManager Role" & " Error no: " & Err.Number & " ErrorDescription: " & Err.Description

End Sub


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