Print Queue Object

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A Print Queue is equivalent to a Printer attached to a computer. The Print Queue object is used to perform operations on the printer. You may also use this object for specifying settings like the printer driver used by the print queue, location of the print queue, priority of the print queue, and so on. The Print Queue object also provides methods like Pause, Resume, Purge etc. for managing the print queue.

The Print Queue object may be used for enumerating all print jobs in the print queue. You may enumerate print queues in a domain or computer, though the enumeration over a domain is only applicable to shared print queues. The enumeration over a computer works for all print queues on a computer.

The object supports these interfaces:


Dim PrintQueue As IADsPrintQueue
'Gets the interface. In the path HP DeskJet 500C is the print queue.
Set PrintQueue = GetObject ("NTDS://MSFT/MOON/HP DeskJet 500C")