Browsing Through NDS Interfaces

You may browse through the type libraries, objects, interfaces, and functions of NDS from within Visual Basic:

  1. Start Visual Basic and create a new project.

  2. Select References on the Project menu.

  3. In the References dialog box, select the check box corresponding to Bindview NDS Provider 1.0 Type Library.

  1. Press F2 to open the object browser.

  2. From the Libraries/Projects list choose NDSUTILS2Lib.

  3. Select one of the interface entries in the Classes/Modules list on the left-hand side pane. The available methods and properties will now be visible in the Methods/Properties list on the right-hand side pane.

  4. Select one of the methods or properties in the Methods/Properties list. You will now see a short description near the bottom of the dialog box.