Service Permissions

This enumerated data type is used to set and get the security settings on services through the IServiceObjectSecurity Interface. This simplifies the operations that require permissions to be set on the service. For advanced operations, the IObjectSecurity Interface methods can be used with the string access permissions.

The possible values for this data type are as follows:



DenyAllAccessOnService = 0x0001

Revokes or takes away all permissions from a user. A user with this permission cannot do any operations with the service. This is equivalent to the "-F" permission being set on the service object.

FullControlOnService = 0x0002

Permissions to do all operations.

ManageServiceOperations = 0x0003

Permissions to do management of services including start and stop operations, change startup type.

ViewServiceDetails = 0x0004

Permissions to view the status, startup type and other information about a service.

NoAccessOnService = 0x0005

Implies that no explicit access has been given to the user. This does not include the permissions users might have due to their group memberships.


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