IServiceObjectSecurity Method: AttachService

ServiceName  As String,
 [ServiceComputer] As Variant,
 [LookupComputer] As Variant


[in] String ServiceName
Name of the service to be attached. Note that the name of the service might be different from the display name of the service. For example, the Windows "ClipSrv" has the display name "ClipBook Server".

[in] Variant ServiceComputer
Name of the Windows computer where the service is running. This is an optional parameter. If this parameter is not specified, the service is assumed to be running on the current computer.

[in] Variant LookupComputer
Name of the computer to be used to find account names of users and groups. This is an optional parameter. By default, the current domain's DC (Domain Controller) and then the local computer are used to find users and groups.

Initializes the object with the service on which operations are to be performed. This method has to be called before any other methods of IServiceObjectSecurity can be called.


Dim ServiceSecurity As IServiceObjectSecurity
Set ServiceSecurity = CreateObject("DirectScript.ObjectSecurity")
'Attach to the messenger service on the computer "Moon".
ServiceSecurity.AttachService "messenger", "Moon"


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