ISendMessage Method: SendMessageToComputer

 ComputerName  As  String,
 Message  As  String,
 [SourceComputer As  String]


[in] String ComputerName
Name of the computer to which the message is to be sent.

[in] String Message
Message string to be sent to the computer.

[in] String SourceComputerName
Name of the computer where the send call is to be executed. This parameter is optional. If this parameter is not specified, the call is executed on the current computer.

Sends the given message to the specified computer.


Dim SendMsg As ISendMessage
'Get the ISendMessage interface.
Set SendMsg = CreateObject ("DirectScript.SendMessage.1")
'Send a message to the EARTH computer.
SendMsg.SendMessageToComputer "\\EARTH", "This is test message", "\\MOON"

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