IPrintServer2 Property: Model

Property Name

Property Type

The printer model selected for install. The model must be one that is supported by the selected manufacturer


Dim ps2 As IPrintServer2
Set ps2 = GetObject("ntds://sqlserverdom/sqlserver")
'Initialize the target machine for installation. This is a compulsory step, which creates the necessary shares on the target machine
Dim AllManufacturers
Dim FriendlyNames
AllManufacturers = ps2.PrinterTypes(FriendlyNames)
Dim manufacturer_name
For Each manufacturer_name In FriendlyNames
  Debug.Print manufacturer_name
Next manufacturer_name

'Associated with each manufacturer is a list of supported models which can be got using the PrinterModels property.
Dim PerManufacturer_Models
PerManufacturer_Models = ps2.PrinterModels("Agfa")
Dim model_name
For Each model_name In PerManufacturer_Models
  Debug.Print model_name
Next model_name

'Select a manufacturer for installation
ps2.Manufacturer = "Agfa" 

'Select a printer model for installation
'Note: The printer model must be supported by the Manufacturer selected for install.
ps2.Model = "AGFA-SelectSet Avantra 20"


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