IPrintJobAdditionalOperations Method: Restart

Restart ();

Restarts the specified print job. This means that the print job starts printing from the beginning even if, say, 2 pages of the job had been printed already. This is different from the Resume method of the IADsPrintJobOperations interface, which simply resumes the processing of the print job from where it was paused.

The user must have administrative privilege on the print queue to be able to perform this task


Dim PrintQueueOperations As IADsPrintQueueOperations
Dim PrintJobAdditionalOperations As IPrintJobAdditionalOperations
'Get the IADsPrintQueueOperations interface. In the path HP DeskJet '500C is the print queue.
Set PrintQueueOperations = GetObject ("NTDS://MSFT/MOON/HP DeskJet 500C")
'Enumerate individual, print jobs and Restart them
For each PrintJobAdditionalOperations In PrintQueueOperations.PrintJobs
Next PrintJobAdditionalOperations


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