IDelegation Interface

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Using delegation is optional. Delegation is off by default. To use delegation you should install the Delegation Server component of DirectScript on some computer (your own or a remote one) in your network. A client using the delegation server needs to specify the name of the computer running the server and also whether delegation should be turned on or not. The IDelegation interface allows you to control these parameters.

Use of delegation is on a "per process" basis. For example, you could have two applications using DirectScript objects on the same computer, one using delegation and the other not. The example below shows how to obtain an IDelegation pointer.

Dim Delegation As IDelegation
Set Delegation = GetObject("NTDS:")




Gets or sets the name of the server where the Delegation Server is installed


Gets or sets whether delegation is to be used or not

If you want to use IDelegation, use the following code:

Dim Delegation As IDelegation
Set Delegation = GetObject("NTDS:")
'Specify the machine name on which the delegation server should run
Delegation.DelegationServerMachineName = "\\AnotherMachineName"
'Turn delegation on
Delegation. UseDelegation = True