IADsPrintQueue Property: BannerPage

Property Name

Property Type

Gets and sets the file system path that points to the banner page used to separate print jobs.

If the value is set to NULL then no banner page is used. The banner page is actually the name of the file whose contents would be printed in between print jobs.

The path can point to either a local file on the same computer ("WINNT\system32\pcl.sep") or a file on a remote computer ("\\MOON\C:\WINNT\system32\pc1.sep")


Dim PrintQueue As IADsPrintQueue
'Get the interface
Set PrintQueue = GetObject ("NTDS://MSFT/MOON/HP DeskJet 500C")
'Get BannerPage property
Debug.Print PrintQueue.BannerPage
'Set the BannerPage property
PrintQueue.BannerPage = "C:\users\banner.txt"
'Commit the changes


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