IADsFileShare Interface

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The IADsFileShare interface is exposed from the File object. You can use this interface to get and set various properties of a file share. Note that this interface is defined only on those File objects that represent a file share and not directories or files.

Only members of the Administrators or Account Operators local group or those with Communication, Print, or Server Operator group membership can do file share management. This includes creating and deleting file shares, viewing and changing file share properties and changing permissions on file shares. Permissions on a file share indicate the users who can use that file share and what actions they can take.




Gets the number of users currently connected to the share 


Gets and sets the description of the file share


Gets the name of host computer for the file share


Gets and sets the maximum number of users allowed to access the share at one time. A value of -1 signifies that the maximum number of users possible are allowed to access the share


Gets and sets the file system path to the shared directory. This is the local path on the host computer


Dim FileShare As IADsFileShare
 'Get the FileShare interface for the file share "ShareName". The DomainName can be skipped if the computer does not belong to a particular domain
Set FileShare = GetObject ("NTDS://DomainName/ComputerName/file_services/ShareName")


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