IADsDomain Property: AutoUnlockInterval

Property Name

Property Type

Gets and sets the minimum time elapsed before an account is automatically re-enabled.

Indicates, in minutes, how long the security account manager can prevent a user from accessing an account (lockout). If AutoUnlockInterval is set to -1, the account would never be automatically re-enabled. In such a case, the administrator would need to explicitly unlock the account, if need be. Note that if both AutoUnlockInterval and LockoutObservationInterval are set to 0, the "No Account Lockout" option is automatically set. When this option is set, the user account never locks out irrespective of the number of unsuccessful logon attempts.


Dim DomainObject As IADsDomain
Set DomainObject = GetObject("NTDS://YourDomainName")
Debug.Print DomainObject.AutoUnlockInterval


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