IADsComputerOperations Method: Shutdown

Reboot As Boolean


[in] Boolean Reboot
Specifies whether the computer is to restart immediately after shutting down. If this parameter is TRUE, the computer is to restart. If this parameter is FALSE, the system flushes all caches to disk, clears the screen, and displays a message indicating that it is safe to power down.

Causes the computer to be shut down. If bReboot is TRUE then the computer will reboot after shutting down.

To shut down a computer, the calling process must have the SHUTDOWN privilege on that computer.

This example helps you to use IADsComputerOperations to Shutdown some computer.

Dim ComputerOp As IADsComputerOperations
'Bind to the known NT Computer object.
'Here MSFT is your domain name and Moon is name of a computer in MSFT.
'Fill in the correct values for <DomainName> and <ComputerName>
Set ComputerOp = GetObject("NTDS://<DomainName>/<ComputerName>")
'shutdown <ComputerName>". TRUE means reboot after shutdown
ComputerOp.Shutdown True


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