Configuring alerts

You can select the types of alerts that you want to receive. In addition, you can enable recipients for the alerts.

To configure alerts

  1. On the DLO navigation bar, click Alerts.

  2. In the task pane, under Alert Tasks, click Configure alerts.

  3. Check the alerts you want to receive, and clear the check boxes for the alerts you do not want to receive.

  4. To send notification to recipients when the selected alerts are generated, do the following:

    • Select one or more alerts from the list. To select multiple alerts, click one item and press <Ctrl> or <Shift> while clicking the other items.

    • Check the Send notification of selected alert to recipients check box.

    • Click Recipients.

    • Select the recipients to receive notification of the alerts.

    • Click OK.

    Alerts must be configured for notification before selecting recipients.

    See About configuring DLO alerts for notification.

    See About configuring recipients for notification in DLO.

  5. Click OK.