Changing DLO service credentials

When DLO is installed, you must specify account credentials to be used to run the DLO Administration Service. This account is used to create Storage Locations and network user data folders. The account must have rights to create shares on any computers where backup data is to be stored. Using a Domain Administrator account is recommended. To create Storage Locations in another Domain, there must be appropriate trust relationships in effect.

To change DLO service credentials

  1. On the Tools menu, click Manage Service Credentials.

  2. Click Change DLO Service Account Information.

  3. Enter account credentials as follows:

    Change DLO service account information

    Select this check box to change the DLO service account information.

    User name

    Type the user name for the account to be used.

    Domain name

    Enter the domain for this account.


    Type the password for this account.

    Confirm password

    Type the password again to confirm.