Viewing DLO report properties

Report properties provide a summary of information about each report. The properties can be viewed, but not edited.

To view report properties

  1. On the navigation bar, click Reports.

  2. In the Reports pane, select the report for which you want to view properties.

  3. In the task pane, under General tasks, click Properties.

    The Report dialog box provides the following information:


    The name of the report.


    The type of data that is included in the report.


    Classification for the report.

    The following report categories are available:

    • Alerts

    • Last Backup Status

    • Failed Jobs


    The creator of the report.


    The version of the product for which the report was created.


    The primary information that is used to categorize the report.

    File name

    The file name of the report template.

    File size

    The size of the report template.

    Creation Date

    The date the report was installed on the system.

  4. Click OK.